European School of Sports (ESS) is the first high-performance multisport institution in Europe that encourages the Dual Career model, facilitating development through the combination of sport and education in a professional, flexible and personalized way. We are inspired by the American university model to improve it and offer you a solution of guarantees in Europe.

European School of Sports (ESS) es la primera institución multideportiva de alto rendimiento en Europa que fomenta el modelo dual career, facilitando el desarrollo a través de la combinación de deporte y educación de manera profesional, flexible y personalizada. Nos inspiramos en el modelo universitario americano para mejorarlo y ofrecerte una solución de garantías en Europa.

ESS process


Study your degree in the most prestigious academic entities in Europe

  • Choose the study area that best suits your interests

  • Adapted programs to boost your performance and reach your goals

  • Online, traditional and hybrid programs taught in English and Spanish

Develop your talent and raise your standards with the best sports specialists

  • Choose the sport of your specialty

  • High performance programs adaped to each specific sport

  • Competitions at the highest national and international level

Accommodation and facilities adapted to develop academic, sports and personal

  • Exclusive agreements with the best clubs in each discipline

  • Spaces designed to optimize academic performance

  • Access to excluive training areas

Know our venues

In ESS we have configured our own infrastructure that integrates all your needs into two of the most well-being cities in Europe: Madrid and Malaga.

These cities offer a unique, stable and safe environment, combining optimal conditions for sports.

In addition, they have excellent transport connections, offering a wide range of services, such as leisure, gastronomy and culture.



European capital that is reference for its quality and variety of educational, sports, cultural and leisure offer



The best place in Europe for the practice of outdoor sports and one of the cities with the greatest growth potential in the world