El modelo dual career permite a deportistas de élite desarrollar todo su potencial, combinando el alto rendimiento deportivo con una formación académica superior, facilitando una transición efectiva hacia una carrera laboral.

The Dual Career model allows elite athletes to develop its full potential, combining high sports performance with higher eudaction, allowing an effective transition towards a work career.

Many athletes do not have the necessary tools to effectively combine sports and academic education, facing a disadvantage situation at the end of their sports careers against graduated candidates.

Based in our experience, we understand the challenges that the Dual Career model represents and the process that involves. We deliver solutions to the problems that athletes face when trying to combine sports and education:


Endless displacements between your home, training centers, university, tournaments and competitions

Incompatible schedules

Reconcile the demands of sports at the highest level, which requires training sessions and competition, and studying a Bachelor Degree.

Specialists Dispersion

The optimal preparation of an elite athlete requires the interaction and coordination of different specialists: physical and technical coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapist, and sports psychologists.

Academic adaptation

Most educational centers do not have personalized advice to adapt the learning process to the demand of each particular athletes’ situation.

Bureaucratic management

Advice through student admission process and student visa management.

Orientation and monitoring

Personal follow up sessions and monitorization throughout the whole process.

Spain is a world reference in the preparation of elite athletes in both individual and collective disciplines. Tennis, golf, football, basketball or motor sports are some examples of the recent success of Spanish sport. The key of this success is based in the preparation of coaches and staff, first-level sports infrastructures and optimal climate conditions for the practice of sport.

> 120 K

European students do not find an adequate solution to combine sports and academic preparation

> 20 K

European students in university sports in the US, not finding quality alternatives in Europe, causing a constant talent escape

> 2 K

Spanish in university sports in the US, representing the second country in the EU and fifth country in the world

American universities have been the only alternative for high-level European athletes seeking to combine academic and sports training.

ESS offers the necessary tools to mature your full potential and get your best version through a comprehensive solution that combines sport, academic training and personal development in a unique environment.



Physical and specific-technical preparation for each sport, first level facilities, regular competition and provision of specific training materials



Programs adapted to sports needs, first level academic institutions, international certification, preparation for the future labor, monitoring and constant support.



We have agreements with some of the main sports centers and private clubs in Madrid and Malaga for the exclusive use of its facilities.



Rooms of different typologies equipped with everything you need to guarantee proper rest and concentration. Various Ammenities for training and leisure time.



Professional and certificate multidisciplinary team to guarantee the best preparation in all areas: academic (tutors and mentors), sports (nutritionists, sports psychologists, coaches, fisios) and personal (Student Life).



Private and exclusive transport for athletes of programs for academic and sports routes.